TRM is to HR what CRM is to Marketing

Talent Relationship Management (TRM) is the emerging best-practice for employers that are serious about ensuring their business success through attracting and hiring high-quality talent. Through the use of TRM, employers are able to effectively bridge the gap between employer branding and recruitment activities, thereby creating a pipeline of ready-to-hire talent. The Wintrgarden TRM application enables your organization to gather, identify, segment and engage with talent attracted by your company through all your branding channels. It’s like CRM, but for HR.

Wintrgarden TRM Talent Relationship Management


  • Gather all your target talent in a single cloud based platform
  • Identify hot recruitment leads through cutting edge segmentation tools
  • Engage and nurture key target groups
  • Convert your leads into hiring successes
  • Track, measure and analyze all your HR Marketing


  • Never again lose out on hot recruitment leads
  • Improve the ROI across all your Employer Branding
  • Reduce hiring lead times while improving candidate quality
  • Free time for valuable strategic initiatives