Wintrgarden's Talent Acquisition Suite

The Wintrgarden Platform goes beyond conventional recruitment process support by combining three critical aspects of successful Talent Acquisition: Talent Relationship Management, Applicant Tracking, and Content Management. Divisible by nature and fully configurable to your needs, Wintrgarden affords your organization a truly bespoke experience. In today’s fast paced world, modern HR software needs to cater to the changing requirements of both HR professionals and talent. The Wintrgarden Platform is built user-first with the aim to rid organizations of the frustration associated with yesteryear’s recruitment solutions.

Recruitment Solution User Power


Our clients have a lot on their plates. That being the case, it’s crucial that their Talent Acquisition solution allows them to carry out their many tasks in an efficient manner. Where many earlier-generation recruitment softwares have failed to combine heavy feature sets with high usability, Wintrgarden offers an intuitive platform built user-first.

In practice, this means empowering our users to manage their tasks in as few actions as possible, providing seamless tools with which to engage key stakeholders, or offering truly actionable overviews of status quos. Regardless of how your organization works, you’ll find the Wintrgarden experience provides unbeatable user power.


Working evidence based is one of the key success factors for the modern HR organization. With hard facts supporting all your employer branding and recruitment actions, you are able to make more accurate strategic and tactical decisions. Wintrgarden gathers and structures data from your talent interactions and serves it to you in a comprehensible and readily usable format.

We go beyond providing rigid KPIs. Through our dynamic analytics toolkit, you’re able to explore data in a way unprecedented in HR Tech. Actionable pipeline overviews, full-scope conversion ratios, detailed breakdowns of talent data, and much more.  

ATS Applicant Tracking Talent Acquisition

Talent Experience TRM Candidate


Your Talent Acquisition software isn’t just a tool for HR, but also your main storefront towards talent. An top-notch candidate experience not only strengthens your employer brand, but also secures a healthy candidate conversion rate. In today’s talent economy, this has proven to be a key driver of organizational success.

Therefore, Wintrgarden ensures brand consistency throughout all steps of the talent-employer interaction online, and provides an interactive and graphically appealing candidate interface.  In short, we ensure you communicate with talent in an online language they are used to and expect. At any time, on any device.


Few things are as tedious and cumbersome as lengthy software integration projects. That's why Wintrgarden is fully cloud based and optimized for quick deployment. The platform implementation process is designed to minimize non-HR involvement, empowering you as the end-user and granting your IT colleagues peace of mind. 

Apart from going live in a matter of days rather than months, our solution means one-click proximity for your candidates, and in-browser Wintrgarden access for your stakeholder. In addition, any software design adaptations are performed and deployed directly to your live environment.

Talent Acquisition Tool TRM ATS