Webinar: How Employee Experience Impacts Talent Attraction


Employee experience encapsulates what people encounter, observe or feel over the course of their employee journey with an organization. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to provide a great journey for its employees, from pre-application to when employees are ready to move on. We had Steve Usher join us to discuss the employee experience, how important each step of the journey is, and how companies can use the employee experience to help strengthen their employer brand to attract the best talent.

Steve is an expert in employee experience and the entire life-cycle talent goes through with organizations; from candidate attraction to alumni management. He is the founder of Koppla Comms, an experience design agency. Later this year he’s launching DisruptHR in Stockholm, part of a global movement spanning 160+ cities.

Steve also hosts The Experience Designers podcast dedicated to the Human Resource, Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience community. You can listen here: www.theexperiencedesigners.com