4 Best Practices that Talent Acquisition Should Mirror from Marketing


In competitive markets, companies need to find new ways to attract the right customers. What the most successful companies have realized, though, is that they also need to attract world class talent to remain competitive. If we take a look at Talent Acquisition (TA) and Marketing, which are understood to be two different functions, they should be taking a very similar approach in the way they work. TA needs to proactively approach potential candidates, the same way as marketing approaches prospective clients.

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First and foremost, a tool to help you organize

Tired of excel sheets? The most successful TA professionals have been inspired by their colleagues in sales and marketing and implemented a Talent Relationship Management (TRM) tool to organize and communicate with potential candidates. Marketing teams have long been using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which allows them to generate leads to communicate and sell their products to prospective buyers. This also includes Marketing Automation which targets specific prospective customers with tailored marketing material, saving time and effort for the marketing team. The TRM approach supports HR with a similar toolkit in order to collect, nurture, and identify potential candidates. Have parts of the process automated instead of spending time manually making each candidates’ experience great. All the information and analytics from past interactions are already organized in the TRM tool, helping you make your communication and recruitment decisions.

Proactively engage, network, and recruit

Imagine if marketing and sales teams waited around all day for calls and leads instead of proactively reaching out themselves. Marketing teams generate interest in their business through content, attracting the correct type of leads, and slowly nurturing those prospective customers over a period of time. TA is starting to follow Marketing’s lead by identifying and nurturing potential talent before any job vacancies are available. Keep in touch with your pipelines to build relationships with talent by sharing engaging content and inviting them to company events or other employer branding initiatives.

Content and context

While engaging with your talent pipeline is important, if it isn’t relevant for the potential candidate, then it will be a waste of the candidate’s time and also your own. Targeting and relevance are key. Be sure to have a strategic content plan, so candidates aren’t spammed with irrelevant emails and material. What is the purpose behind your emails to potential candidates? Should you include a call-to-action? Do you want them to sign up for the upcoming event with your company? No matter what, the messaging should always be targeted to the correct audience. With the assistance of TRM software, you can segment your talent pipeline and send the correct content to the audience who will appreciate it most.

Find what works for you, measure it, and keep improving

You can measure your employer branding channels as well as analyze the engagement of the content you send to your talent pool with a modern TRM tool. You’ll find out which channels are most effective for building up your talent pools and you can continue to tweak your content as time goes on to see what is working and what isn’t. You can also see who is more interested in your company, and if they might be the perfect fit when they’re ready to find a new job. But just because the vacancy has been filled, that does not mean you should stop.

By engaging and nurturing potential candidates, they will respond positively to the time investment the company puts into them. Soon you’ll have a stronger employer brand, a better candidate experience, and a talent pool with great potential candidates that you can comb through to fill in your next vacancy. This enables a faster time-to-hire compared with reactively hiring. Always improve and iterate - it’s a continuous cycle that will make you more strategic and improve your results.

Ronja Neitenbach