A Platform as Dynamic as Talent

Your company career site is your organization’s window to the world. This is where you have the opportunity to tell the story of how great an employer you are. Despite this, career sites are hopelessly behind the cutting edge when it comes to important factors such as user experience, social integration, and content dynamism. We aim to change that. With Wintrgarden’s Content Management Platform (CMP), we put HR in charge of employer branding content. Wintrgarden CMP is built using the latest card technology, and integrates beautifully with the Wintrgarden TRM and ATS, making content creation a true pleasure. 

Wintrgarden CMP Employer Branding Talent Pool


  • Dynamic content hub based on card technology
  • User friendly content creation wizards
  • Unbeatable relevance through content segmentation
  • Natively social, and optimized for mobile
  • Beautiful and adaptable designs


  • Improved conversion rates from career site
  • Strengthened employer brand
  • HR in the driver’s seat for employer branding content
  • Improved social performance
  • No more stale or generic career site content