From Tracking to Management

The use of Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) has been a best practice for Talent Acquisition professionals since the dawn of recruitment process digitalization. The toolkits historically included in such software center around tracking and reporting on job applicants. Despite the recent shift in focus of recruiters, from tracking applicants to managing candidates, little has changed in the user experience and architecture of many ATS. Wintrgarden aims to bring the ATS into the 21st century. We deliver an intuitive user interface, a full overview of all talent and contexts, user friendly collaborative hiring, quick and effective segmentation mechanisms, time saving efficiency tools, and lots more.

Wintrgarden ATS Talent Acquisition Recruitment Software


  • Gain full control of all talent, from first click to hire
  • Keep complete records of all candidate history
  • Enable collaborative hiring without losing process control
  • Seamlessly move talent from pools to vacancies
  • Easily evaluate effectiveness of recruitment efforts


  • Shorter time-to-hire
  • Increased visibility and control of hiring steps
  • Improved collaboration between HR & stakeholders
  • Deep insights regarding marketing investment returns
  • Significant efficiency gains for recruiters