Introducing Wintrgarden

At Wintrgarden, we firmly believe that successful and efficient Talent Acquisition is key to business growth. In today’s fast-paced world, employer-talent relationships are initiated and grown around the clock and across a diverse set of contexts. Still, most HR solutions fail to accommodate this new climate’s growing success requirements for employers and talent.

Drawn from an organizational environment consisting of global leaders in employer branding, we are well aware of the challenges organizations face when working with conventional recruitment software. So, we decided to make a change. We aim to bring beauty and simplicity to employer-talent interactions, thereby ultimately empowering HR professionals in their talent acquisition activities. 

Changing the way companies and prospective hires interact is an ambitious task. We take it on by always working user-first and ensuring that our solutions bring value without being overpowering. Today, Wintrgarden provides some of the world’s leading organizations with an innovative platform that brings simplicity, transparency and manageability to their talent pipeline.